LGBT Community Proponents and Opponents Faced Each Other on the Streets of Warsaw

Several hundred activists gathered near the Warsaw University on Sunday to participate in two different demonstrations: for and against the Polish LGBT community. Strengthened groups of police sent by the government to the streets served as a border line of guards between them to prevent clashes.

“No to deviations!”, some of the people claimed. Some of them stated they were attacked for their position. To finish the event, they burned the rainbow flag. 

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“I’ve got bad news for LGBT community protectors, but good news for Poland”, stated Kaja Godek, the initiator of the “Life and Family” program and standing against abortions. “We stand for the public initiative to ask the parliament to review the law project about the prohibition of gay parades as the megaphones of homosexual propaganda on Polish streets.”

On the other side, in front of the protesters, the people standing for the rights of the LGBT community gathered under the rainbow and anarchist flags. “One cannot choose sexual orientation, while homophobia is a choice!”, they wrote on their banners.

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During the campaign, before the July presidential elections in Poland, the ruling conservators used the rhetoric directed against LGBT community members more than once, which was the reason for European and international institutions to criticize them. Andrzej Duda, who was re-elected as the President, compared the “LGBT ideology” to “neobolshevism”.


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