LGBT digest: same-sex marriage legalization all around the globe

same-sex marriage legalization
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The progress moves on inevitably. One of the clearest signs of it is that more and more countries start to lawfully recognize same-sex marriages and civil partnerships. Among these countries are Thailand, Northern Ireland, Ecuador, and Austria.

In 28 out of 193 UN members it is legal for gay people to get married, and in 32 countries – to live together as civil partners. That’s still a long way to go, but it’s a good start.

Today we present to you the newcomers – countries, who have just legalized same-sex partnerships.

1. Thailand – 2020

Thai bill is by fat the latest, as it was passed in July. The bill doesn’t grant full equality, as couples still can’t be ‘married’. However, same-sex unions may be registered now, and thus gay people are recognized and protected.

Besides, the bill allows same-sex couples to adopt. It also regulates the owning of shared property and inheritance rights.

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2. Costa Rica – 2020

Two years ago, the supreme court of Costa Rica stated that the same-sex partnership ban is, according to the Constitution, illegitimate.

Costa Rica may be proud, as it is the first Central American country to lawfully recognize gay marriage. Though it’s not the first, it’s also sixth in the respective list of Latin countries. The list is short, containing only Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador.

3. Northern Ireland – 2019

This country implemented legalization way back in the last year. The BBC reports that the change was notional, however, it needed to be done. Interestingly, it took this much time (until 2020) for the first gay couple to marry.

Northern Ireland’s neighbors from the United Kingdom have contributed to the world’s tolerance five years before, in 2014.

4. Ecuador – 2019

Following Costa Rice, Ecuador was the fifth Latin country to lawfully recognize and protect same-sex marriage.

Technically, so rights were granted by the 2015 bill, but it was partial in rights recognition. Now it’s full for all Andian states people.

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5. Taiwan – 2019

This country is progressive in its own way, being the first in Asia to pass such a law. People who were previously banned from marriage on the basis of their sexuality were finally allowed to do so in May.

Today, activists want to extend the package of rights for Taiwan. They vote for (unofficially for now) the right for spouses from countries where same-sex marriage is banned to travel to Taiwan to marry. This will make Taiwan more liberal and safer for same-sex couples. In addition, it’ll boost LGBT tourism.

6. Austria – 2019

The good news was heard from Austria right after the New Year celebrations. Which, consequently, added more things to the celebrations list. In the first month of 2019, Austria country legalized same-sex marriages, joining many Western European entities.

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The previous law was ruled unconstitutional two years earlier, in 2017. Austria’s Constitutional Court, which revises adopted laws, deemed them so, as these laws were narrowing the rights of the LGBT community. As the Austrian government didn’t move against it, the rule was passed.

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