LGBT+ People With Religious Parents Face Rejection More Often When They Come Out

Parental influence is extremely important for children’s healthy development. A child’s feelings, experiences, thoughts, and sexual identity need to be understood and accepted by the closest ones. Unfortunately, LGBT+ people may have problems when it comes to parental acceptance.

Approving uncommon love

LGBT+ people who have conservative or religious parents are 2.5 times more likely to be rejected after coming out. Furthermore, 70% of people whose parents respond to their sexual identity unsympathetically experience depression, anxious thoughts and even have suicidal ideas.

Those are the major results of the latest survey, conducted by the Naz & Matt Foundation. There also some good news. According to the study, the parents of the most LGBT+ people do acknowledge their sexuality.

Overall, 25% of people who were raised in religious or conservative families admitted that their parents reacted badly to their coming outs. However, when we are talking about parents that aren’t conservative or religious, this rate falls to 10%.

Religious or culturally conservative family background very often prevent LGBT+ people from coming out. At the same time, there is hope as more and more parents from all over the world are proud of their LGBT+ kids and stand up with them against discrimination.

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