“LGBT Virus”: New Scandal in Polish Government

The Polish government became a part of a scandal connected to the firing of the Education Ministry official – the education curator of Lodz, Grzegorz Wierzchowski.

The “European Truth” newsletter published a message linked to Onet.pl. 

Grzegorz Wierzchowski became known after his recent speech in a TV program “Unfinished talks” (Pol. “Rozmowy niedokończone”) on the TRWAM channel. Among other statements, he mentioned the “LGBT virus”, aiming to show youth that “there are no rules and values”. Wierzchowski said, “If someone does not believe that or has doubts, they should check what’s happening beyond our western border, for instance, in Germany.”

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This statement provoked loud protests, and Wierzchowski was soon fired. Still, according to Lodz governor Tobiasz Boczenski, the reason of Wierzchowski’s retirement was not in the words he said.

“We should not allow firing those who protect our children from the vulgar offence of the left parties”, wrote Janusz Kowalski, the Polish vice minister of national assets, on his Twitter feed.

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The “Solidary Poland” party, in coalition with “Right and Justice”, also supported the retired official.

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