Lifetime Announces Its First-Ever Gay Romantic Christmas Movie

While the LGBTQ community is still waiting for Hallmark to create an LGBTQ film for Christmas, Lifetime has already beaten its competitor to the punch. Lifetime, which is famous for its numerous TV holiday romantic shows, has advertised something really cool this year – a gay romantic movie, specially planned for the festive season.

The Christmas Set-Up

The new film tells the story of a gay corporate lawyer who lives in New York. He heads home to Milwaukee for Christmas holidays, where his mom gets him to bump into his high school crush, named Patrick. The man arrives in Milwaukee from Silicon Valley to spend holidays at home too. As Hugo and Patrick’s attraction grows, Hugo needs to make a super important decision to accept an offer to work in London or choose love.

Moreover, Lifetime also overtook Hallmark last year, as its Christmas film, Twinkle All The Way, featured two men kissing. Well, they weren’t the main characters, but it was a big step anyway.

Summer is coming to an end, so it will soon be time for fall, and then the holiday season will be on the way. Happy Christmas is impossible without good, old-fashioned holiday movies. We hope The Christmas Set-Upwon’t disappoint us!

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