Lili Reinhart Explains Why Bisexuality Isn’t Simply a Phase

Lili Reinhart is excited about the animated TV series, The Owl House, that features the so-much needed bisexual character named Luz Noceda. Reinhart claims that typically TV series feature straight or gay characters. 

That’s a big concern for the actress and bisexual people, in general. She believes bisexuality should be normalized and hopes Luz Noceda will help people understand what it’s like to be bisexual.

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The Riverdale actress keeps insisting that bisexuality isn’t a phase and it’s impossible to grow out of this. She has publicly discussed her battle with mental health issues and regrets that there was little help and support during her school days. 

She confesses, “too often people have told me it’s a phase,” and she wishes humanity would realize that each person has their own sexuality. Reinhart encourages LGBT teenagers to explore and use the new options available these days, as well as embrace their identity and sexuality. 

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“Times are changing,” Lili Reinhart explains. Gone are the days when people had to keep their sexuality a secret because they were scared of being bullied. Nowadays, many communities support teens and empower them to embrace their sexuality.


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