Lilly Wachowski Says The Matrix Is A Transgender Story

It has been more than twenty years since we came into the Matrix world, taking the red pill and checking how deep the rabbit hole goes. The Matrix changed the Hollywood movie industry forever, and it is hard to find anyone who hasn’t watched it. However, this science fiction story is still full of surprises and unexpected twists.

One of its co-creators, Lilly Wachowski has said that the movie features a transgender narrative that “the corporate world… wasn’t ready for.”

The Matrix as a transgender allegory

Lilly and Lana Wachowski, who wrote and then directed the world-renowned movie, both transitioned since then. In her recent interview, Lilly Wachowski has confirmed the film can be viewed, as a transgender apologue. She said that The Matrix is all about transformations. Moreover, Switch was originally a male in the real world and a female in the Matrix world. This line was changed in the film.

Wachowski also said that she and her sister didn’t know how to describe and articulate their identities while they were creating the movie. However, the sisters always opted for the world of imagination. That’s why they chose science fiction. 

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