Maricopa County Attorney Reverses Policy On Anti-Gay Adoptions

In Arizona, same-sex couples haven’t been represented in adoptions by the county attorney for years. Luckily, that’s changing before our eyes.

A huge leap forward

An old regulation that was issued to make it more challenging for homosexual couples to adopt children has been canceled by the newly appointed county attorney. 

In 2015, when marriage equality was legalized in Arizona, previous Maricopa County Attorney decided to deny free services to same-sex adoptive couples, which his staff offered to straight families. The ACLU of Arizona spoke out against this anti-LGBTQ rule. Thanks to their efforts and Gov. Doug Ducey’s veto on a bill that would have let county attorneys discriminate, little progress was made. 

The county office had no choice but to transfer adoption work related to same-sex couples to external firms. The LGBTQ community insisted that this resolution made it extremely hard for homosexual couples to go through the adoption process.

The situation has significantly improved by new Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, who doesn’t have any doubts about adoption equality. Her office is resuming operations on adoptions where same-sex couples are presented.

Adel adds that overturning the discriminatory rule will save them $750,000 a year.

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