Marvel Shows The First Same-Sex Wedding Between Superheroes

Marvel has finally demonstrated what we have been waiting for! They have shown a moving wedding between gay superheroes. The great ending to Empyre #4 was that Young Avengers founders (and superheroes!) Hulkling and Wiccan tie the knot. The popular comic book reveals a flashback to a touching ceremony when the couple get hitched surrounded by the closest ones and other Young Avengers.

Marvel supports diversity

It isn’t the first time when Marvel Comics has featured gay characters and showed same-sex weddings. However, until now there has only been one superhero in the couple. Wiccan and Hulkling have been in the comics since it was premiered back in 2005.

Fans have been expecting the wedding for a while. When Wiccan lost his superpowers, Hulkling restarted their relationship and proposed marriage. Furthermore, the comics lovers have also previously witnessed a tiny episode forward to a future date where Wiccan and Hulking are setting up house together and have a sweet daughter, Katie.

Initially, the creator of the comics offered Hulkling to Marvel as a woman who used her shape-shifting superpowers to pretend to be a man. Then, he changed his mind and decided to remain Wiccan and Hulking as homosexuals and in a relationship.

The couple quickly became the comic world’s most famous LGBT+ pair.


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