Moscow City Court Overturned the Gay Murder Case Acquittal

The Moscow City Court overturned the acquittal in the case of the attack on two LGBT community members. The attack resulted in the death of one of them. This was reported by the court press service on Monday, September 7.

According to the media, they sent the case for a new trial in the same court with different members. So, the court satisfied the prosecution’s appeal and the complaint of the victim’s counsel.

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The preliminary hearing will be the first stage of the initiated review. The Basmanny court was the institution to consider the case. The crime was committed back in June 2019, right in front of the Kursk railway station entrance in Moscow.

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Anton Berezhnoy, the accused person, was the one who attacked Roman Yedalov and Evgeny Efimov with a knife, while shouting insults at them (probably homophobic). As a result, Yefimov was wounded, and Yedalov died. The jurors acquitted the defendant in the murder episode. The defendant claimed that Yedalov “fell to the knife on his own.” 

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Yedalov was sentenced to one year and 11 months of freedom restriction. Then, they released him from custody right in the courtroom.


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