Myths about gays

How myths about gays begin is not clear. One thing is understandable: all myths about gays are just myths, and nothing more. They can be based on someone’s opinion, gossip, or any other unreliable resource. Some of them are very provocative, while others are neutral. 

Anyway, some people believe in these myths. The most popular myths about gays are the following. 

Gay couples cannot cope with children.

First of all, it is necessary to say that all children need attention, care, and love. We all know the situations when children of heterosexual parents suffer from violence. There are no scientific or other records confirming that gays are bad parents. Yes, maybe the child will copy their behavior and way of life. But, it does not mean that gay couples cannot cope with their parental responsibility. 

Non-traditional orientation originates if the child was a victim of sexual abuse.

Any child who suffers from sexual abuse is a victim. This will certainly have its consequences. Child psychology is rickety and everything can have an impact. Sexual abuse can be the reason for psychological disorder, but not homosexuality. 

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“Homosexuals” life spans are short.

This is one more unproven myth about gays. No one knows how long they will live. Yes, way of life, habits, and other factors have an impact. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with that. Yes, homosexuals cannot have their own children. But, who said that this shortens life expectancy? They can adopt a child and be happy parents too. 

Homosexuals are guilty of participation in historical events.

There are some claims that homosexuals controlled the Nazi Party. Also, there are claims about the guilt of homosexuals in spreading AIDS. Yet, it was just an attempt to discriminate and bully homosexuals. So, people just did not want to accept them. 

Homosexuality can lead to necrophilia and bestiality.

This myth is absolute nonsense. People can have both of these disorders completely irrelevant of gender or sexual orientation. They are usually the consequence of schizophrenia, personality disorder, and other mental diseases. 

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Allowing gays to serve will damage the army.

Well, if a homosexual wants to serve, it is his personal choice. According to the Secretary of Defense, there was no harmful impact or damage. Moreover, the army is not a place for discrimination. The more workforces in the country this is the case for, the better. 

Homosexuals often abuse drugs and alcohol.

Drugs are unacceptable in general. Any person abusing drugs, working with drugs, or relating to them is not a good person. The world knows a lot of criminal stories about drug users who were heterosexuals. Such way of life is more like a choice, and sexual orientation is not a reason. 

You are not born gay, you become gay.

This myth is partially true. Maybe, if a person was brought up by two homosexuals, they will become gay too. This could happen or not. Each person creates their own destiny. For example, someone likes the color red. They chose it themselves; their parents did not impose it. The same can be said about profession, hobbies, and sexual orientation as well. 

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Homosexuals can stop being like that.

It is normal for people to change their preferences. Homosexuals can fall in love with a woman. Why not? If they live a happy long life together, it is good. But, if they break up, there is no guarantee that he will date another woman later. He could find a male partner too. Everything depends on inner feelings.

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