New Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland is the Author of the “LGBT – Death Civilization” Appeal

The ex-governor of Lodz and the ex-senator of the “Right and Justice” political party, Zbigniew Rau, became the new Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs. Polish media admit that the new head of the ministry is the conceptual opponent of any sexual and gender differences. Particularly, Rau is the author of the famous appeal: “Stop the LGBT ideology. Stop the death civilization”.

The new minister was already named a “discreet minister” and a “good but lonely guy”.

Still, the opposition of the “Civil Platform” party states that Zbigniew Rau is too loyal to the Kaczynski brothers. For instance, they blamed him for the attempt to rename the Victory square in Lodz into the Lech Kaczynski square ( the decision was later canceled by the superior administrative court). Additionally, the liberal Polish opposition representatives admit that Rau is a homophobe.

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“He is the author of the ‘ Stop LGBT ideology. Stop death civilization’ text. Finally, during his election campaign, he published homophobic content on Facebook that Lodz citizens did not like for sure. He had an awful result and barely made it to Sejm”, stated Dariusz Jonski, the Civil Platform representative from Lodz.

The previous minister, Jacek Czaputowicz, recently retired .


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