New York’s Park Was Renamed in Honor of an LGBTQ Civil Rights Activist

The East River State Park located in Brooklyn has recently been renamed after Marsha P. Johnson, an activist of the LGBTQ Civil Rights Movement. Andrew Cuomo, NY Governor, shared on Twitter that Marsha P. Johnson State Park will be a single park in the City That Never Sleeps named after a trans woman of color and someone from the LGBTQ community.

Governor emphasized that the city owns gratitude to Marsha P. Johnson for her huge efforts in a battle for LGBTQ equality. New public artwork along with some facilities related to the LGBTQ movement and Johnson’s life are planned to be installed in the park.

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Marsha P. Johnson is recognized as one of the LGBTQ movement heroes and she finally received recognition. The artwork, which is planned to be installed in the park, will portray her life story and help people to know more about her contribution to the LGBTQ community.

Apart from defending trans women of color, Marsha P. Johnson established the group Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries that assisted homeless trans youth during the hard times.

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In 1992 Marsha P. Johnson passed away aged 46 and it’s still unknown the reason for her death.


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