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Barack Obama had not always been so positive toward the queer population. Even if he stated that he is not against same-sex couples, there were doubts about this topic. There is information that alludes to uncertainty about this question: whether he is against same-sex marriage or supports it.

His viewpoint about this subject is not concrete, but evident. He believes that marriage is meant for a man and a woman. But he wants to respect the interests of gay and lesbian people. However, he thinks that marriage is not a civil right. 

Later, in 2004, Obama’s views grow more concrete. He starts opposing same-sex relationships. But two years later, he starts to doubt this position. He mentions that the religious aspect should be considered. 

Eventually, he becomes sympathetic to the LGBTQ+ community. He says that he understands what it means to be different, not like others. As an example, Obama mentions his skin color. 

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He promises to allow open homosexuals to serve in the army. But his attitude about marriage does not change. He still thinks marriage between a man and a woman is sacred. 

Time of changes

Only in 2010 did Obama finally admit that it was time to change his viewpoint. It is not clear what made him change his opinion. Perhaps his friends and his employees who are openly gay influenced him.

In 2012, Barack Obama became the first president to support same-sex marriage. He explains that he acted by inner feelings. He felt internally compelled to do it. He did not see any obstacles against it.

This process can be considered an ‘evolution’—Obama’s evolution toward supporting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. This process proves that even such important and famous people did not come to this conclusion at once. It took a lot of time. And of course, the whole country needed much more time to accept it as normal. 

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President Barack Obama made a significant contribution to LGBTQ+ history. Many important achievements were made due to Obama’s efforts.

No matter who you love 

In June of 2015, President Barack Obama set a record. It was devoted to matters affecting the LGBTQ+ community. The President expressed his views on this issue. He also specified the results of his activity about this matter. 

The main idea of his record is that the USA is a free country. It is free for all people. It is not important which beliefs we have or how different our backgrounds are. Also, no matter who you like or love, the US is a country where everyone builds his own destiny the way he wants.

As soon as Barack Obama became president, he started to fight for equal status for all Americans. He stated that LGBTQ+ people should not be an exception to this question. All his efforts led to many changes in politics and legislation. And the consensual opinion of the country was changed too.

Obama’s achievements for LGBTQ+ folks

One of his most significant achievements is the protection of LGBTQ+ people from discrimination. Various campaigns were organized to prevent discrimination. Obama developed different strategies to protect all LGBTQ+ people from bullying, many of which were made jointly with the Ministry of Health and the Education Department.

Ellen compiled a message from the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and many more to offer a personal message of thanks to President Obama for everything he was able to accomplish in the name of equality.

The issue of LGBTQ+ health was also a priority. The President signed a special act that ensured the LGBTQ+ community would be taken care of. By this act, all insurance companies have no right to refuse coverage to LGBTQ+ folks. As a result of this act, LGBTQ+ patients could also apply to hospitals without fear.

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Obama made the army accessible for all LGBTQ+ people, as well. They can serve and chances to be dismissed based on sexuality are zero. 

Thanks to Obama, gay and lesbian people can access housing and lending. All services are open to them. Additionally, the Ministry of Justice signed guidance upon preventing domestic violence. All LGBTQ+ people who have endured violence deserve help and support. 

Barack Obama supports LGBTQ+ people not only within the country, but also abroad. He seeks to ensure that all American LGBTQ+ members around the world are taken care of. The USAID integrated into their projects the issues protecting the LGBTQ+ community. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and other international organizations followed this lead.

Obama did his best to make LGBTQ+ history robust and authentic. Special attention was given to struggling for their rights. He wanted everything to be in the memory of the nation. He made efforts for LGBTQ+ people to be treated fairly within American society.

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It is obvious that Obama’s way of making the USA a free country was long and unstable. It should be noted that he managed to achieve this, all in all. It is interesting that the greatest obstacle affecting him was a personal one. It’s as if he struggled with himself, his own beliefs and principles. 

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