Older LGBTQ Employees Still Face Workplace Age Discrimination

This summer, the US Supreme Court recognized Title VII protections to LGBTQ workers, yet ageism keeps flourishing in offices. While the law should have promoted equality and ended workplace discrimination, employees over the age of 50 still have to deal with ageism.

Most Americans who keep working after 50 have a higher risk of losing a job than their younger coworkers. COVID-19 and quarantine have worsened the situation. When you’re an older LGBTQ employee, things could get even worse.

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LGBTQ employees were already experiencing much higher levels of salary disparities and workplace discrimination before COVID-19. Today, despite the law, LGBTQ workers have to solve the ageism problem which constitutes a threat to their financial security and careers.

Ageism is sometimes impossible to prove. It many cases, it’s impossible because it’s expensive. Basically, federal courts provide employers wide leeway in their firing and hiring actions.

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Cost-cutting is usually the reason for firing older employees as they’re usually the ones earning more due to their experience and age.

Source: lgbtqnation.com

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