One Of America’s Oldest Gay Bars Was Attacked With Molotov Cocktails

A historic gay bar located in Laguna Beach, California was attacked last week. Several bottles filled with what seemed to be an accelerant were thrown to destroy the hangout. The owner thinks it was made on purpose and views the incident as a hate crime.

Smashed windows and five bottles

Launched back to 1958, the Main Street Bar and Cabaret is still well-known for its marvelous drag shows. Due to its long and rich history, this place is considered one of the oldest queer lounges in the world. The bar is going through a rough time due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it has been closed since March.

Last week, someone noticed that the bar’s windows were broken and called the police to the place. When policemen arrived, they found five bottles full of substance that is believed to be flammable. The bottles’ wicks were burned, but luckily they didn’t result in a fire. The bottles looked like Molotov cocktails, but people (or a person) who committed this crime chose the type of material that is uneasy to break. Only this fact saved the legendary club from a horrible disaster.

The bar owner believes it was a homophobic hate incident but hopes that the bar and other businesses in the building won’t be affected in the future. She adds that they are open to the whole community and strive for positives.

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