Pakistan Hosts Second Trans Pride This Weekend

LGBTQ+ people in Pakistan don’t have equal rights compared to non-LGBT individuals and experience difficulties in all spheres of life. Moreover, gay murders are quite common.

That’s why it is incredibly important to tackle LGBTQ stigma in this country, even if it seems almost impossible. Track T is a community group that fights against discrimination. Thanks to its efforts, Pakistan is hosting its second-ever Trans Pride this weekend.

Second Trans Pride in Pakistan

Track T is well-known in Pakistan for the first Trans Pride in 2018. This year, it is organizing the events too, but they will be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The participants are going to talk about possible ways of coping with COVID-19. At this difficult time, the organization has been supporting the LGTBQ community giving more than 2,000 monthly food packs, offering financial assistance, and providing medical care.

The Pride will include events, devoted to the life of the LGBT community in the context of history, art, and politics.  The discussion will also focus on economic empowerment, disability, and mental health.

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Generally, the LGBTQ community enjoys few rights in Pakistan. Gay sex is criminalized and punished with the death penalty. At the same time, Pakistan is lightly more tolerant of transgender people. The country has established the right to change legal gender since 2010.


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