Pastor Dad Threatens Suing after His Teen Daughter Got Sent Home for Wearing an Antigay T-Shirt at School

The teen’s dad protests against drag queens during his free time, and claims LGBT community members “want to kidnap your children.”

They sent the teen back home from school after she appeared there wearing a homophobic t-shirt. Her father is now saying that the First Amendment rights of his daughter were violated, and threatens to contemplate legal actions.

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Pastor Rich Penkoski says this isn’t fair, because the teen was not allowed to wear that t-shirt, but everyone else can dress as they want.

He complains this is a censorship case.

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On 25th August, Brielle, Rich Penkoski’s daughter, appeared at the Livingston Academy, a Tennessee public school, wearing a black T-shirt with a printed writing saying “HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN”, citing the Bible’s verse 1 from Corinthians 6:9-10 in smaller print. This particular Bible sentence is frequently interpreted as the one that refers to prostitution and pederasty.


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  1. Jimbo

    Hmm. This pastor is a snowflake. Students in public schools don’t have free speech rights. For example, a shirt that says “White People Suck” or “Infidels Should be Beheaded” or “God is for Dummies” wouldn’t be permitted. Does the pastor’s daughter have a shirt that says “Adultery is a Sin?”