Police Have Detained Over 50 People After a Raid of a Gay Party in Indonesia

Technically, there is no law prohibition for homosexuality in Indonesia. Still, 15 years of imprisonment are possible for nine men after they organized a gay party.

56 male people were detained by police after a gay party raid in Indonesia.

A speaker of Jakarta police, Yusri Yunus, stated 47 people arrested after the hotel gay party event were released with no fines or other sanctions upon them. However, the remaining nine males are suspects to the party organization, and their deeds may be reasons to bring up sanctions because of anti-pornographic legislations of the state.

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According to the spokesperson, the men are possible to be all from the same Jakarta community, and all are near their 20. Officers tend to find out if more people had something in common with the event.

Policemen also conducted a HIV test to the 9 people who are about to face sanctions. One of the retained had a positive result. The officials kept his name in private.

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Also, police officers stated condoms found at the party location will be used as evidence to prove the suspects’ guilt.

The call on Indonesia to stop detaining people for sexual preferences was made by the UN Human Rights Council.

Source: attitude.co.uk

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