Police Officer Resigned After Using an Anti-Gay Slur During a Confrontation

He admitted to using bad language and anti-gay expressions during the conflict.

Going to jail can be life threatening to any citizen because of COVID pandemic ravaging the populations of prisons in the US. A Police officer from Bartow, Florida lost his job next to his composure.

The officer’s name was Timothy Daughtry, and he called George Harris Youth Shelter worker Tyron Smith a “f***ing f**got” during the tensed conflict.

Smith insisted that Daughtry arrested a 12-year-old kid for fake pulling the building’s fire alarm.

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Smith was insistent that Daughtry handcuff and arrest a 12-year-old for pulling a fire alarm in the building when there wasn’t a fire. Daughtry refused, and answered that arresting a pre-teen for a small misdemeanor was ludicrous. As the officer was about to leave for his car, and as he later confessed, he threw the anti-gay insult at Smith.

The now former officer then said he wasn’t aware of Smith’s being gay. However, Smith described himself as “flamboyant” and said that his identity preferences were obvious. Smith said Daughtry looked directly at him while throwing the insult.

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The interim Chief, Brian Dorman, indicated that he would have fired Daughtry if the officer hadn’t resigned on his own.

Source: thedailyripple.org

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