Popular French Nude Resort Is Now a New COVID-19 Hot Spot

Annually, up to 35,000 nudists, including LGBTQ ones, head to the south of France to relax in a famous seaside resort area. This year, Cap d’Agde has been plagued by a COVID-19 outbreak, with about 150 people showing a positive result for the virus.

According to local health authorities, 95 people tested positive while staying in the resort. Lately, 50 more people tested positive when they traveled back home.

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The beach-side village now has a number of new restrictions, including compulsory mask-wearing and restricting gatherings to less than 10 people. Basic hygiene measures are also required. Moreover, all restaurants and bars must stop working at 1:00 AM.

The COVID-19 infection keeps increasing, and hundreds of visitors are being tested to ensure they’re healthy. Each person who is going to visit or leave Cap d’Agde must take a test, too.

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There are many gay-friendly nightspots in the resort area, making it a famous place for gay nudists. Locals and visitors claim that social distancing is extremely hard to stick to right now. The situation is worse at the resort’s sex clubs, in particular. 

The results of at least 310 tests taken by visitors are expected this week. New restrictions might appear right after that.

Source: lgbtqnation.com

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