Rightwing Start An Attack On A Gay Lawmaker Over Equality Bill

Scott Wiener, who is a gay state senator from San Francisco, has faced xenophobic and homophobic threats from QAnon conspiracy theorists last week. Why? Haters hate for no reason at all. This time, it has happened after the lawmaker introduced a ruling, supported LGBTQ equality.

A new wave of hate speech

Nowadays, judges in California can use specific discretion when it comes to statutory rape cases that involve people of similar ages. The legislation doesn’t obligate judges to apply that discretion, but they have options. However, there is a problem as this law covers only penetrate vaginal sex. This means that judges can’t use that discretion for same-sex sexual contacts.

Scott Wiener proposed a regulation to make the law for heterosexual and LGBTQ people equal. Right-wing activists reacted immediately, claiming that the bill would protect pedophiles.

Wiener says he has received hundreds if not thousands of hate messages, concerning the legislation. The nasty comments continue to appear on Wiener’s Instagram. The lawgiver adds that his personal information, including his address, was published online to urge people to escalate harassment.

This horrible case demonstrates that much more effort should be done to stop discrimination. There is no room for hate and violence in this world.

Source: lgbtqnation.com

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