Rightwing Tries To Troll A Bakery, Ordering An Antigay Cake

LGBTQ people face discrimination everywhere, from social media to stores. It happens even in bakeries! They have become unexpected battlefields for LGBT+ rights in the United States over recent years when Christian-owned bakeries refuse to serve same-sex couples.

However, hatred comes in different forms. A right-wing Catholic recently ordered a dessert with a homophobic message from a lesbian-owned bakehouse in Detroit.

Shocking order

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David Gordon, who works for Church Militant, decided to purchase a red velvet cake from Good Cakes and Bakes. He added a specific ‘Pride’ message that was antigay. The man wanted bakers to pen on the top: ‘Homosexual acts are gravely evil.’

April Anderson, who owns the bakery with her wife, was mortified by the request but it wasn’t a big surprise. She says that they, as Black lesbians, are used to discrimination.

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Anderson, worried about a potential lawsuit, baked the cake. However, she did not add the discriminatory text as her company policy does not allow ordering special messages online. She and her partner wrote a note against hatred and planned to give it with the cake.

The man never appeared to pick up his order, and the cake was thrown away several days later. Shockingly, but Gordon thinks the bakery failed to serve him, so he is going to file a lawsuit.

Source: advocate.com

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