Ronald McDonald and Burger King Kissing Got Homophobes Raging

Because of the advert with the Burger King giving a kiss to Ronald McDonald, BK was accused of selling out to the, “left’s sexual agenda” by anti-LGBTQ+ communities and personalities.

Two world famous fast food mascots put their long lasting competition aside, to publish an ad celebrating 2020 Pride Week. BK installed the art around the Finnish capital city of Helsinki.

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The ad banner featuring a couple kissing intimately with a, “love conquers all” message under it, was accepted by the online community with warmth.

Still, Peter LaBarbera, a member of the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality group of anti-LGBTQ+ lobbyists seemed to be overwhelmed with the message. His anger was enormous.

“It’s sad because woke corporations are now in the vanguard of cultural Marxism”

– LaBarbera stated.

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Internet users ironized:

“Peter, you’re yelling at cheeseburgers.”

The ad initiators from Burger King aimed to, ‘show that love always wins’.

The advertising campaign plastered banners around the city and the printed image was distributed in restaurants and other ad channels.

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It comes after the chain’s Mexican operation renamed itself ‘Burger Queer’ during pride month.


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