Same-Sex Marriage Delayed In Switzerland Once Again

Same-sex marriage has been legitimized not everywhere. Only around thirty counties have established marriage equality. Therefore, LGBTQ+ rights still need to be protected all over the world. Some countries recognize civil unions, which aren’t the same. It is a case of Switzerland.

And recently, marriage equality faced another delay in this country as the Council of States postponed the move to permit same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage in Switzerland

Switzerland has established civil partnerships for same-sex couples since 2007. These unions offer similar, but not exactly the same rights. When it comes to same-sex marriage, the situation seems to be more complicated.

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The issue has been considered by the Swiss parliament for around ten years. However, there was a huge step forward in June when the lower house of parliament, passed equal marriage by a big majority.

The regulation was transferred to the upper house. But this week it’s Legal Commission made a decision to delay the vote. It claims it requires further explanation ‘on the constitutionality of the bill.’

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LGBT+ activists in Switzerland say they are frustrated with the postponement.


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