Sarajevo City Officials Did Not Allow a Gay Parade Due to the Coronavirus Threat

n turn, LGBT community representatives decided to organize another event. The organizers had to change the parade format entirely. Now, they’ll provide online discussions instead of walking through Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital city center.

During those debates, sexual minority representatives will raise the questions of right and freedom limitations for LGBT community members in the country.

They will focus attention on problems exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, said the BalkanInsight portal. According to the activists’ opinions, attitudes towards gay and lesbian persons have worsened in recent months.

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The same portal notes that the organizers planned to initiate the gay parade in Sarajevo by limiting the number of participants to 100, in order to follow government limitations created due to the coronavirus. However, officials rejected the event due to the potential for safety requirement violations by organizers and participants.

The coronavirus situation is worsening in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dozens of new infections are being registered there daily. During the pandemic, over 18 000 people became ill, and more than 500 died.

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The very first gay parade in history of Sarajevo took place last year. About 3000 people participated in it.

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