Spider-Man is Going to Become Bisexual

Spider-Man is Going to Become Bisexual

There was a long discussion about the changing sexual orientation of superheroes. Particularly, current trends affected Spider-Man.

If everything goes fine, people will see the results soon. The famous character may get a boyfriend. According to verified information, right now Sony is working on this. They are planning to release a movie in the hero’s universe. That was said repeatedly in one of the respectable TV-channels.

Actors Who Are Supposed to Play

An interesting fact, viewers will see several actors who played Spider-Man before. There are the most recognizable actors:

  • Tom Holland;
  • Andrew Garfield;
  • Tobey Maguire.

As for the second actor, he is the one who will get a boyfriend from Sony. He is seen as a perfect contender to represent a bisexual superhero. 

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Developing the Idea

It may seem that it has appeared under the influence of current trends. But that’s not true because the idea of a gay Spider-Man was offered much earlier. According to Tom Holland’s words, there should be a place for non-heterosexual heroes. The year that passed he said that Spider-Man could change his orientation. This actor was not the only one who suggested this. Another one was Andrew Garfield. During the interview, he said he wished Spider-Man to be pansexual or bi. Later he spoke out an even bolder idea. Spider-Man could be anyone, represent any nation with any skin colour.

Such a superhero reflects the interests and hopes of different minorities. Moreover, it is already known who is going to be Spider-Man’s boyfriend. Probably, viewers will see Michael B Jordan. He successfully played his role in Black Panther. 


Still, Stan Lee who developed Spider-Man didn’t approve this project. That was the reason why Garfield no longer played this superhero. He was annoyed by the actor’s statements in his interviews. One can see that he was not planning to make Parker bi. Apparently, Stan Lee and Andrew Garfield had different opinions about the upcoming movie. There was an information leak in Sony 5 years ago. A strict obligation read that Spider-Man could not be gay or black. 

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Will We See a Gay Spider-Man?

It is highly likely that fans will see a gay Parker. Modern tendencies are so that LGBT+ people want to be represented more. Such a large brand as Marvel should find a proper decision. For example, the sequel of the Deadpool movie was accepted very well. There are plenty of rumours, but the sources are not quite reliable. Still, We Got This Covered channel claims the opposite. 

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