Stephanie Byers Has a Chance to Become the First Trans Person in the Kansas Legislature

Native and transgender identities are both parts of the richness and diversity making her who she is – that’s what she said.

On the 8th of October, 2019, they asked Byers to hold a speech outside the Supreme Court at an ALCU rally after she won the GLSEN National Educator of the year award.

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Inside, the Court heard solid oral proofs about three milestone cases determining if the employer had rights of firing a person because of their LGBTQ identities.

When she was thinking over and holding that speech, buyers never predicted those cases to become reasons causing the historic LGBTQ win.

Still, looking at the capitol building that time, one thing became real and understandable for her: The office run was her need since then.

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Now Byers has the chance to become the very first out trans person in the state legislature as the Kansas House District 86 representative for Democrats.

Byers does not perceive her trans identity as the defining trait of her personality, but she is aware of a great opportunity for gaining another big win for the entire trans community.

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Byers has a hope about the race win to help other trans persons see what they really can do.


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