Sudan’s new step towards LGBT people

Sudan's new step towards LGBT people

The state of Sudan conquered society with its decision. This place was known for being rude to non-traditional people. Now it has abolished the death penalty as a punishment for consensual same-sex relationships.

Also, now the spanking, which also concerned same-sex relationships, has been cancelled. LGBT activists noted this decision as a sure step into the future. This step will direct the situation in the country in the right position.

The East African nation was one of six countries to introduce the death penalty for same-sex sex. Such countries as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria are also included in this list. The other places have laws which are similar. These laws are still not enforced.

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Despite the relaxation, section 148 of the 1991 Criminal Code is still in effect. This article is known as the Sodomy Law. This could lead to a prison sentence of up to seven years, according to Pan Africa ILGA. These are coalitions that fight for human rights. They also fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community. They are people too.

The Sudanese Sovereign Council recently approved amendments to the law.

Death and one hundred blows were excluded.

Before, they were used as punishment for same-sex relationships. Bedayaa, an LGBTQ group in Egypt and Sudan left a comment on the matter. They believe that the passage of laws and amendments is a big step. It’s a big step towards reforming the justice system in the state. It was also noted that activists should continue doing such steps. They should fight for decriminalization and for peace.

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The executive director of Bedayaa believes that these amendments aren’t effective. It’s not enough for what is happening in the world today. Even so, this is a big and very important step for both the transitional government and the people. This is a great beginning on change-road.

Alphonso David couldn’t say anything about this news. This is the man who is the president of the Campaign for «Human Rights». He considers it an important step in the global struggle for the equality of LGBT people.

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