Tennis Star Martina Navratilova Supports Idaho’s Anti-Trans Sports Bill

Famous tennis player Martina Navratilova demonstrated her support to an Idaho bill that stops trans female athletes from participating in girls’ sports. The lesbian athlete was one of more than 300 signatures in a letter showing disagreement with the inclusion of trans women in tournaments as such inclusion puts fair competition for women in Idaho at risk.

Will an anti-trans law protect true athletic equality?

Idaho is the first state in the United States to ban trans young people from competing in sport. LGBT+ activists believe that this bill doesn’t solve the issue as the problem doesn’t actually exist. No intersex or trans athletes were openly competing in the state. LGBT+ supporters add that preventing trans children from participating in sport in schools, colleges, or universities can lead to negative consequences for their physical condition. Along with health risks, the recent legislation limits the trans kids’ opportunities. There is also a question of how the state will implement the bill.

In reaction to the anti-trans law, civil rights activists have appealed to the US National Collegiate Athletic Association to take action against discrimination. The NCAA proclaimed that it would evaluate the bill and consider any possible sanctions during their next meeting that is planned for August. The letter Navratilova and other athletes signed asks the NCAA to deny the call from LGBT+ activists.

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