Thailand same-sex partnership bill: approved

Thailand same-sex partnership bill: approved
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With the adoption of this bill, Thailand grants safety for its LGBT+ citizens. If it’s passed on as law, the same-sex relationship becomes almost as protected as opposite-sex couple marriage.

But the fight for equality continues.

Now the bill is on its way to the parliament.

Today in all of the Asian continent only Taiwan lawfully recognizes same-sex marriage. The huge downfall is that in this country, gay couples can’t adopt together, as a family.

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The bill that is on the agenda now will allow gay couples to adopt. Moreover, it expands the list of rights, adding the rights of inheritance and property ownership.

Thailand parliament spokeswoman, Ratchada Thanadirek, spoke about the importance of the bill. On her Facebook page, she wrote that the bill is a crucial move for Thai society’s way of equality. She added that it’ll allow gay people to create families.

But there’s one disadvantage of The Civil Partnership Bill is that one of the partners must be Thai. This meant that LGBT tourism won’t exactly ‘live and prosper’ in the years following the adoption of the bill.

The path of recognition of same-sex relationship in Thai

Thailand is way ahead of some other countries in terms of LGBT-tolerance. It has decriminalized homosexuality way back in the middle of the 20th century – 1956. It is also well known for the acceptance of ‘kathoeys’, which are trans women and men.

Lots of Thai people are still very conservative. Nevertheless, the 2019 survey showed that most of the country’s population is quite liberal. 63% of interviewees support The Civil Partnership Bill.

Because of the 2010’s instability for Thailand, it couldn’t pass the law that’d recognize and protect same-sex partnerships.

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But at the end of 2018, the cabinet backed the proposal of civil partnership equality. After the 2019 election, the bill was able to progress.

Moving forward

In the early summer of 2020, the Civil Partnership Bill was introduced.

The usual thing for Thai society is to pass the bill out to the public for consultation. It was done on July 2. For some time, the news trended on Twitter. LGBT-people from all over the world supported the issue.

Tunyawat Kamolwongwat was the one to propose the bill. He is the deputy of the second biggest party in the lower house of the parliament – Move Forward Party.

Kittinan Daramadhaj, the president of pro-LGBT Thai organization, said that he was happy with the bill.

He stated that it allows gay couples to be married without officially calling it a marriage, and, after all, the name of the bill isn’t as significant as its content. For Kittinan Daramadhaj, it’s all about lawful recognition of same-sex partnerships.

But some of Thai LGBT do not agree.

Different organizations criticized the parliament for having a separate law for same-sex couples. They have argued that, by creating such law, it categorizes LGBTQA+ citizens as lower-class ones.

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Hearing its people, the Thai government has completed the proposal with the right of same-sex adoption.

Now is the time of active LGBT debate in Asia. Especially it concerns the right to marry.

Whereas in Thailand the dispute goes on, other Asian countries start to liberalize, too. Taiwan legalized gay marriage and Vietnam decriminalized it. But in Vietnam same-sex couples aren’t persecuted, but they have no legal protection either.

The growing acceptance of LGBT urged other countries to join the discussion, India, Japan, Nepal, and China has entered the discourse recently.

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