Thailand’s Government Moves To Recognize Trans People

Thai authorities will consider a gender recognition bill in the autumn of 2020, after years of pressure from transgender people trying to protect their rights. However, this is not yet a battle won. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security proposed a draft that covers only specific categories.  In other words, non-binary and intersex persons may remain unsecured.

It seems to follow the same scenario as it happened to the civil partnership bill. Thailand’s government approved the bill earlier in July. However, the ruling disappointed the LGBT+ community as it offered same-sex partners similar rights to heterosexual people but failed to deliver on same-sex marriage legislation.

Trans people in Thailand

Thailand is considered one of the most LGBT+ friendly places in Asia as homosexuality has been legal in the country since the 1950s. Moreover, Thailand markets itself as a great tourist destination for LGBT+ people.

However, trans people in Thailand face discrimination that often leads to abuse and violence. They experience huge problems with accessing employment, health care, and other social services. It happens because their gender identities don’t match their documents. 

The upcoming ruling is aimed to solve this problem. According to the proposals, trans people will be able to change their official gender without undergoing gender confirmation surgery.


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