The Appeal of Caster Semenya Over Testosterone Levels is Lost Resulting in No Opportunity to Defend Olympic Gold

The intersex athlete is prevented from participating in the Tokyo games in 2021 due to a ban by the court. The UN condemns the policy.

No opportunity will be provided for Caster Semenya to defend her 800m Olympic gold medal achievement in Tokyo, as she lost the appeal about testosterone levels.

The decision was enforced contrary to the words of the UN Human Rights High Commissioner, who said that regulations for female athletes making the competition more difficult for intersex and trans people in sports should be removed by every sporting body.

The case of Semenya, the runner from South Africa, is just the most well-known. The hyperandrogenism condition of intersex people is shared by this Olympic Champion, and it raises her testosterone to higher than normal levels for a women. 

Particularly, she has both Y and X chromosomes just like a male. Typical females have only X chromosomes.

The rules by World Athletics state DSD (different sexual development) athletes are not allowed to compete in 400m and mile distances. To participate, they have to reduce their testosterone levels by taking appropriate drugs.


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