The best Valentine gift for a lesbian

The best Valentine gift for a lesbian

Even people who don’t like Valentine’s Day will be glad to get a Valentine’s card from someone special. This holiday is celebrated everywhere. Most couples who have been living together for many years, including lesbian couples, try to make this a special day. 

The main question is about what gift to give. It must be connected with love, and remind you of your feelings for each other. Each of us perceives the word “gift” differently. Just spending time together is already a gift for some people. Do not forget that paying attention to this person is much more important. 

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There are a great many ideas of what to give a lesbian for Valentine’s Day. To make her happy on this day, think of something she loves. a Valentine card is necessary at least to create a romantic mood. Flowers? That’s up to you.


The best Valentine gift for a lesbian

This kind of gift means something she likes to do, or you like doing together. It can be riding a bike, swimming, diving, parachuting, having a picnic, or traveling to a country she has always wanted to visit. This is a good way to represent emotions, remembrances, and make impressions that are hard to forget. 


If she likes jewelry, why not impress her once again? The jewelry market is replete with a rich assortment of options. Earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, tiaras – everything to make her shine. If your budget is limited, such a gift can be made from something other than gold. Even some simple accessories may be enough to bring her a smile. 

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The best Valentine gift for a lesbian

One more inexpensive way to make her happy is food. That does not necessarily mean going for a meal at a restaurant. Try to cook her favorite food; the Internet is full of various recipes for any taste. If you’re not so good at cooking, there are many companies offering food delivery services. Don’t forget about dessert! For example, heart-shaped cookies or cake can be a wonderful addition. 

Sex surprise

Sex is also a part of romance. Valentine’s Day is one more good reason to try some new tricks. You can buy a new toy or sexual outfit. Also, you can make all the things she told you about come true. She will appreciate that you remembered her words, and know her preferences. 

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Household wares

One of the most popular presents for her is something she will use every day. This includes cups, plates, towels, slippers, bags, and anything else she needs. Plus, you can have these items personalized and decorated with photos. Drinking coffee from such a cup is more pleasant, isn’t it?

Especially for Her

This type of gift will show all your deep feelings for her. Write her a poem, make a short movie, record a song devoted to her, or learn how to dance the tango. In other words, use all your talents and skills – she will certainly appreciate the gift and your effort. 

Things Just for You

Every couple, lesbian or not, has their own special secrets that only they can understand. You can use your favorite movie, song, place, words, clothes, etc. to make a part of your gift. Write your special words on a cup, decorate some special clothes, or go to your special place again and make a romantic dinner. This will help you to relive those experiences and feelings again.

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Use a photo of your sweetheart and draw a portrait of her. Of course, if you’re not an artist, you can make a special order. Besides, you can include other things with the portrait (pleasant words, for instance). Just imagine her waking up every day and seeing this portrait on the wall of her room. 

Personal things

This is the best idea for those who don’t have enough time. You can buy items she loves and uses: her favorite shampoo, gel, perfume, cosmetics, clothes, or any other things she uses regularly. Or maybe she forgot to buy her favorite gel, and your gift will be just in time. 


This type of Valentine gift is for those ready to pay a considerable sum of money. Buy gadgets that she really wants and/or needs. If her smartphone has started working slowly or her laptop is broken, then you know what gift to buy. Unnecessary gadgets will stay on the shelf unused, and won’t show your thought for her. 

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The most suitable gadgets:

  • smartphones;
  • laptops;
  • cameras;
  • music players (MP3 players, etc);
  • accessories (SD cards, earphones, headphones, etc.).

Hobby of Hers

This kind of gift is easy. Think of her hobbies and what she likes to do. Some possible ideas of such a gift:

  • books;
  • a musical instrument;
  • custom CD with her favorite songs;
  • SD card with her favorite movies;
  • original notebook and a beautiful pen;
  • sports accessories;
  • a pet (make sure that she really wants this!);
  • fishing or hunting gear.

All of the things about her hobby will make her smile, and her hobby will entertain her more. 

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Valentine’s Day is a special day with one more  reason to say “I love you”. If you really do, you will find the best way to show it. No matter how much you spend on the gift, what you feel while planning the gift, and how she feels about it, is more precious..

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