The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons Reflects On Coming Out As A Gay

Jim Parsons is undoubtedly an amazing actor. He rose to fame as Sheldon on the super-popular TV series The Big Bang Theory. While Sheldon and Amy have relationships on-screen, Jim Parsons knows a thing or two about true love. Recently, he reflected on his sexual identity, saying that his choice to come out was ‘a great thing.’

Jim Parsons on his gay identity

The talented actor has praised his experience, but it wasn’t easy. The press was his last hurdle coming out. Parsons was speaking with David Tenant on the actor’s podcast.

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It’s interesting when you have the success that you have had and you also happen to be gay, you become de facto an activist. The very fact that you admit that in a world where still not everyone who’s in that position is willing to talk about it…

David Tenant Podcast

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Parsons replied:

That’s right. And that was my last hurdle with coming out. The press. I knew that ‘you’ll be a gay actor from here on out

And now, looking back, not only has it not been a bad thing for me, it’s been the opposite and a great thing for me, it’s not untrue, but also I don’t mind.

The celebrity came out four years ago in his interview with the New York Times. The actor also added his coming out wasn’t one big step. It was more like an organic process. Parsons has been living with his husband Todd Spiewak for ten years. The podcast also explained why Parsons decided to leave The Big Bang Theory.

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The sitcom became one of the longest-lasting TV shows, winning seven Emmy Awards from 46 nominations. It also made Parsons the world’s highest-earning TV actor. Parsons confessed that 2018 had been a really tough year for him, including the death of his dog. At that moment, he realized that it had been time for a change.


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