The Cayman Islands Failed To Pass The Domestic Partnership Bill

Cayman’s lawgivers have failed to pass the Domestic Partnership Bill, voting nine votes to eight against the ruling. However, it could be not so bad as you might think.

Generally, the bill would have granted homosexual people the right to establish a domestic partnership similar to marriage. But does it mean same-sex marriages? Not exactly, as it would provide only basic and insufficient rights to homosexual partners who are going to register the union.

Why the vote could be a move to equality

Actually, the recent resolution could be a huge mistake by those who are against LGBT+ equality. Why? The Cayman Islands veto on same-sex marriage violates its constitution and court verdicts. Furthermore, the Islands is an autonomous British Overseas Territory. So, the UK parliament may order marriage equality to resolve the conflict between the constitution and the anti-LGBT+ regulation. Some lawmakers predict it will happen within 30 days.

LGBT+ activists have been on a long legal battle to establish marriage equality in the Cayman Islands. Although this vote was against same-sex couples, the LGBT+ community seems to be on the road to victory as discrimination should be stopped.

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