The Most Amazing Movies In Transgender Culture

The Most Amazing Movies In Transgender Culture

Are you looking for something new and exciting to watch tonight? If you are curious about transgender movies with trans actors – you are in the right place. 

We are happy about the recent newfound voice of trans people. But are we ready to declare the victory? Well, not yet. Now we can hope for a brighter future.

And we have made such progress with the help of transgender movies. Now everybody can see trans people and learn about their issues. To change the situation we should change people’s minds, and one way to do it is through cinema and pop culture. That is why this list of movies is an absolute must-see.

Political reasons aside, these films are great! Gripping plots, a variety of characters, and themes. There is only one problem – which one to choose first!

Already seen them? Here is our list of amazing transgender movies

The Danish Girl (2015)

This movie is a great biographical film. It relates the story of two painters from Denmark – Lili and Gerda. The plot revolves around the life of Einar. It shows his transformation into a woman (Lili), and its impact on the couple’s relationship. After posing for his wife as a female artist’s model, Einar connects with his female identity. The couple goes to Paris. Gerda’s art becomes famous and attracts many gallery dealers. At the time, they meet Hans, Lili’s old friend. There is an attraction between him and Gerda. Both are trying to maintain their relationships with Lili. After Lili tries to seek psychological help, she meets a German doctor. The doctor proposes innovative gender reassignment surgery. Unfortunately, Lili dies not long after the surgery. 

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This beautiful and moving film features great Eddie Redmayne (Lili), Alicia Vikander (Gerda). The plot is gripping and heart-wrenching, performance is outstanding. The film is featuring touching characters and breathtaking shots from Denmark and Belgium. What is there not to like about this movie? Even some untruthfulness to the plot does not make any less engaging.

Transamerica (2005)

This remarkable and significant film deserves to be a part of this article. There are a lot of trans actors. Transgender rights activist Andrea James works as a consultant. Felicity Huffman is the lead actress. Her outstanding performance outshines the fact that she is not a transgender person. 

Transamerica tells us the story of Bree, a transgender woman. One day she gets a call from her son Toby from jail. Toby is her son from the male past. Although she never knew he existed, she immediately sets off to rescue him. Bree lies about her identity, and both go on a road trip from New York to Los Angeles. The relationship between the characters is long lost. But being together helps them to get to know, understand and appreciate each other and the past more. 

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (1994)

Here is another road trip film you can not miss. This time we travel through Australia on the bus named “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”. We follow the three main characters: two drags queens and a transgender woman on their trip. They travel from Sidney to Alice Springs. It is a small resort town somewhere in the Australian desert. We can say that this movie is a classic among films about LGBTQ issues. It sends the most important message of transgender awareness. In 2000 Priscilla participated in the Australian culture parade of images.

This adventurous and free-minded movie is about people’s prejudice and rejection. The three main characters even suffer from abuse and vandalism. But they never lose their dignity and a great sense of humor. There is no way you won’t sympathize with them! And of course, the superb acting of the leading trio is the cherry on the top.

Paris Is Burning (1990)

If you have seen the TV series Pose, you should know that it is based on this beautiful documentary. If not, you have a chance to enter the fabulous world of 80’s ball competitions. 

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This film shows the beauty of New York’s ball culture. It describes the main cultural and social problems of the time. Racism, homo- and transphobia, rejection, and exclusiveness of all that was different. The world we see here has two sides, and the characters lead two lives – in daylight and at night. Their daily lives are full of discrimination and rejection. Their night lives are about bright costumes, dances, and shows. That is what makes this documentary essential and a must-see for everybody.

Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

This tough drama relates to the real-life story of Brandon Teena. Hilary Swank stunningly interprets him. Her remarkable acting makes up for her being a cis woman. Brandon keeps a secret of his trans man identity while trying to fit in. He comes to a small town in Nebraska, where he tries to fit in with the guys, doing all sorts of things. But there is also a soft side to him that people start to notice. Brandon becomes the center of attention and the prettiest girl in town falls in love with him. Teena reveals to her the truth about his identity. He confesses how afraid he is that his secret might come out.

The film reveals the best and the worst in people, true love, and true hatred. It ends with the tragic murder of Teena after his secret was discovered. In 1993 some friends killed the real-life Brandon Teena. The film is a true revelation, and it being a real story makes you want to watch it more.

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Boy Meets Girl (2014)

What do we love about this movie? First, a transgender actress plays here the main character. Second, it is a love story! Transgender woman Ricky works as a barista in Kentucky but dreams of becoming a designer in New York.

Will her dream come true? Will she find true love with Francesca, a woman who she meets at work? Watch this romantic comedy! Fun, love and friendship, freedom to dream, and live – all that guarantees you a great movie night.

All About My Mother (1999)

Well, it is one of the most famous works of a genius director Pablo Almodóvar, period. Do we have to add anything? Only the fact that Almodóvar once again shows us the life of trans people. This drama is surely that kind of movie that will break your heart. But at the same time, it will make you understand life, society, and even yourself better.

Manuela never told her son Esteban about his father. She was keeping a lifelong secret of him being a trans-woman and a prostitute. The parents lost touch many years ago. But when Esteban tragically dies, Manuela sets off to Barcelona to find Lola, his father. She is going to tell her about their son. Following Manuela in her quest, we meet many trans people. We learn a lot about them, their grievances, issues, and their truth.

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A Fantastic Woman (2017)

The movie is yet another masterpiece featuring the great transgender actress Daniela Vega. In 2018 this Chilean movie won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It became a crucial part of the struggle for Chilean LGBTQ community rights.

Marina is a transgender woman who works as a waitress. Her older boyfriend, Orlando, left his wife to be with her. But one day, Marina becomes a suspect in the investigation after the death of her boyfriend. Orlando’s wife hates Marina. She does not let her come to the funeral and tries to get her out of Orlando’s apartment. While dealing with her grief, the young woman faces the transphobia in all its “glory”. We can only applaud Marina’s character, grace, and dignity. And, of course, recommend this spectacular movie.

Tangerine (2015)

If you are looking for something fresh and creative, this movie is exactly what you need. Operators used cameras on three iPhones 5S. Transgender sex worker Sin-Dee gets out of prison. She finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with a cis woman. The protagonist then decides to find her rival and the shameless cheater. To do that, she asks her friend Alexandra for help.

While watching the film, you cannot shake the feeling of participating in it. You almost immerse yourself in this world of fun, curiosity, friendship, and affection. And it is a Christmas story! We love it for that, and of course, for the portrayal of transgender people. If you can’t stand bigotry and hypocrisy, this film is for you. We are sure that his wonderful comedy will charge you with its optimism and humor.

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Wild Side (2004)

This 2004 French film is about Stephanie, a transgender sex woman. She leaves Paris to take care of her sick mother, joined by her two male roommates. Both men are in love with Stephanie and the relationship between all three blooms. Stephanie has already forgotten the life in a small village. Now all the memories and emotions come back to her once more.

The name Wild Side comes from Lou Reed’s song, referring to the trans community and culture. The movie is beautifully filmed. It immerses you into the lives of three misfits and their shocking relationship.

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