The new church view of gay marriage

The new church view of gay marriage

The attitude to homosexual and lesbian relationships has been altered. Viewpoints about people with non-traditional orientation have been changed as well. Religion is no exception.

Moreover, gays and lesbians can marry. Sooner or later they all will have a question about the sanctuary ceremony. They can desire it just as some heterosexual people do.

Of course, all churches are different. They are united in various directions. Each of these directions has its particular views. Churches try to confine these views. Specifically, the World Methodist Council posturizes all the famous denominations we know. The views of this body on non-traditional relationships are quite neutral. 

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Places of worship towards LGBT

The American Protestants include:

  • primary Protestant temples (known by their liberality)
  • evangelic cathedrals that do not approve same-sex relationships
  • sanctuaries of Africa and America that approve non-traditional couples

The latter temples have a rich history of existence in the US. The majority of American presidents have been the adepts of primary Protestants.

Various temples have been trying to support non-traditional couples for a long time. For example, the Episcopal Church. It originated in the U.S. Christ United Church that appeared in 1957. However, the United Methodist body did not agree with them. They were really afraid of the later consequences.

American representatives and foreign ones had different viewpoints. That is why they always had misunderstandings and disagreements. African associates are prone to consider same-sex relationships as unacceptable. In contrast, American voters do not think so.

Last year, a meeting on this issue was conducted. The sanctuary leaders discussed how to solve this problem. They also discussed the issue of performing non-traditional weddings. The homosexual priesthood was also discussed in general.

After long discussions, the verdict was issued. It was decided to make all same-sex marriages taboo. And, also, it means to penalize those who break this principle. This ‘plan’ left them all speechless. And, of course, it caused rebellion and attempts to create alternative options.

The arrangement to evolve the advanced breakdown

The United Methodist Church worries about the LGBT priesthood and same-sex couples. This explains why young church associates make up their minds to leave the church. Thus, the leaders came to the conclusion that at least some change in this aspect is necessary. It will help to prevent other new sanctuary members from leaving. Also, it will help to save holy traditions. In an attempt to solve this issue, an arrangement was suggested.

Churches in consort with representatives decided to execute an agreement. It is contemplated to evolve a completely advanced breakdown of homosexual relationships.

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This category will differ from the previous ones. It will permit the marriage of homosexuals and lesbians. The LGBT priesthood is also one of the main targets of the arrangement. The case mentioned above will become unique. No clergies of gays and lesbians exist.

The fight about legal marriages of homosexuals and lesbians is very persistent and extensive. The United Methodist Church authority has proposed a possible solution to this matter. They suggested that, if the breakdown is divided into two lines, the fight will end at last.

The upcoming conception of the United Methodists will have two categories. One of them will pursue possessing a viewpoint against the marriage. It concerns people with non-traditional orientation.

They will be also against the priesthood of homosexuals and lesbians. The second category will support LGBT people in their ambitions. It will allow LGBT members to organize the sanctuary ceremony. So, each cathedral will make a choice about which side to be on individually. The world conference where the mentioned plans are going to be praised will be carried out in May 2020.

The specialists created this scheme not for one day. They believe that the plan may be the best way to be useful. It will cope with the gained dissensions and disputes of the churches. Each of the cathedrals will maintain their positions and views. They insist on the equal rights of all associates.

The new church view of gay marriage

For many years, the United Methodist Church has been fighting for religious rights of the LGBT community. At the same time, the fear of consequent schism has always been present.

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Most of the bishops follow one principle. They try to abide by the idea of ‘unity for all’, without any exceptions. It is appreciated by the church conservatives and liberals. They all hope the process of division will be for the better. It can realize their long-held expectations about the church. They will be aimed at healing.

The division process is also targeted at changing the system of punishment. It concerns those pastors who perform same-sex marriages. This threatened them with suspending them from their duties for 1 year. Dismissing them is also one of the measures of punishment. The key figures of the conservative and liberal wings have not refused to sign the agreement.

Moreover, they are not against dividing. They are willing to poll their votes at the forthcoming round table.

The arrangement states the following details. The new breakdown will be funded with $25 million. In return, any grievance about financial resources will be reversed. If a cathedral wants to accede this advanced breakdown, a vote is needed.

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However, the temples willing to quit have a right for certain assets as well as their local church buildings. Each case is to be reviewed individually.

The agreement contemplates holding one more conference. It will be aimed at reversing the prohibition of same-sex weddings. Creating the priesthood for LGBT people is in the strategy too.

But, some representatives and advocates thought that the remedy would not be enough. Also, the agreement does not promise to fortify the LGBT representatives. They could be still discriminated against.

The negotiation league consisted of 16 leaders, the bishops from the U.S. and other countries. Also, the leaders of some LGBT factions took part in the negotiations. One of the main decisions has been made. The African cathedrals are independent in this question.

They are permitted to have their own and individual decision about LGBT inclusion. The reason is that the African church has always been for unity. The conservative wing believes that the African church will not support these new liberal views. The American viewpoints on homosexual and lesbian relationships are more progressive than theirs.

Sanctuary attitude to homosexuality

Undoubtedly, each of the denominations defines its confines by its assessments and viewpoints of homosexuality. All places of worship are unique; some places of worship have a more neutral view of same-gender relationships, where although they do not oppose them in general, the clergy do not perform same-sex weddings.

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Churches opposing homosexual relationships:

  • Wesleyan Methodist Church; founded in the U.S. with missions in Peru, Ghana, and Haiti;
  • Bible Methodists Connection, founded in 1967 by John Wesley;
  • Nazarenes, emerged in the 19th century;
  • North Indian, covering most of the territory of India;
  • Evangelical Methodists, headquartered in Indiana, U.S.
  • Evangelical Wesleyan, having 27 congregations;
  • Free Methodists, including more than 1 million associates worldwide;
  • Primitive Methodists, which began in England in the 19th century;

The sanctuaries approving and supporting lesbian and gay couples are:

  • Evangelical Methodists in Argentina, having 123 congregations;
  • South India Church, one of the popular Christians churches in India;
  • Italian Methodists, organized with a non-episcopal congregationalist policy;
  • Great Britain Methodists, a part of the fourth-largest Christian group in Britain;
  • New Zealand Methodists, emphasizing personal salvation and social responsibility;
  • Methodists of Peru, Southern Africa, Uruguay, Canada, and other countries.

It is evident that the number of churches approving and disapproving of LGBT people are not equal. These statistics already confirm the conclusion that the forthcoming plan of dividing denominations into two parts will have result in significant changes. Plus, all countries have churches that oppose same-gender couples, some which do not.

Yes, the church always helps to find the right direction, and it can show the right way if you are lost, but it must not keep you as a prisoner.

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The viewpoints of the church never must be imposed on anyone, and the new breakdown will help every person to have the church they always wanted to have. It will be the house of God as before, but the churches with the same viewpoints about homosexual relationships will be united.

One denomination with be created with these notions; other houses of God with differing opinions will be united as well; but they will represent a distinctly different LGBT philosophy.

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