The New “Fruit Bowl” Lesbian Ad by Dole Made Conservative Christians Feel “Highly Offended”

This community is now asking their supporters to boycott Dole products due to their ads containing “foul language, a liberal agenda, and sexual innuendos.”

The group of conservative Christian people stands against a newly released series of Dole ads. According to the organization, the repetition of “fruit bowl” words used in displayed situations make the ads “extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children.”

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These advertisements are literally about bowls of fruit, though built around the trouble of adults spending too much time at home with children due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of the three ads displays a set of parents using the phrase “fruit bowl” to replace what they actually mean.

One of the ads features a lesbian couple.

The Christian community marks “All three of Dole’s fruit bowl ads” as “irresponsible and tasteless.”

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The petition was initiated by the community who asked their members and supporters to sign a pledge to boycott Dole until they withdraw the advertisements.

The organization claimed to have more than 5 thousand signatures by now.

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    This article is so terribly written! Do you not have anyone on staff who can string together a few sentences?