The President’s Shortlist for Supreme Court is Packed with LGBT Opponents

Media predicts the potential impact of more LGBTQ opponents to be catastrophic for the Supreme Court.

The new possible Supreme Court nominees’ list was released by President Trump. Numerous judges, politicians and lawyers from there are known for their anti-LGBTQ positions.

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In case Donald Trump wins fall elections and stays for one more presidential term, he gains four additional years to bring more of his people (those on the list or other ones similar) to nominate them to occupy Supreme Court seats for a lifetime period.

Then these people would have the opportunity to advance over the main LGBT victories and cancel their results (like anti-discrimination laws and marriage equality.)

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On the list published on the official website of the White House, President Trump stated his consideration of Senators Tom Cotton, John Hawley and Ted Cruz for Supreme Court lifetime seat nominations. Cotton and Cruz have their Senate voting records against LGBT initiatives and a “Zero” score on the HRC’s Congressional Scorecard for the last few years.


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