The US Marriage Equality Fighter Jim Obergefell Shared What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Meant to Him

The US marriage equality legalization pioneer Jim Obergefell expressed the meaning that late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsbug had to him.

In a dialogue with Anderson Cooper from CNN, Obergefell admitted Ginsburg’s passing was “a devastating loss”, and added:

“All of us in the LGBT+ community, and I would also say any marginalized group in our nation, we’re reeling from the death of an advocate for equality.”

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The feeling of loss for queer community members was especially painful as “she had become such an advocate for us, and she was willing to get to know us and to understand us”.

Obergefell then added more:

“I see Justice Ginsburg’s legacy as one of someone who dedicated her career and her life to our nation, for the betterment of our nation.

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“She truly believed in the law applying to all people. She believed in equal justice under law, those four words inscribed in the pediment of the courthouse.”


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