They Caught Captain America Stealing a Pride Flag. Twice.

They Caught Captain America Stealing a Pride Flag. Twice.

Nope, that wasn’t Chris Evans.

Captain America was arrested during his fifth attempt at stealing a Pride flag. No, Chris Evans didn’t do that, he’s busy with other projects. The Captain America we are talking about is a different one. 

He is 38-year-old Jason Jocque, and he was arrested in Fort Meyers, Florida. This Captain America wannabe is now facing fines for property damage, criminal mischief, and aggravated assault.  

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Officers stated that Jocque was draped in an American flag and walking down the street when he noticed a Pride flag flying at The Standard. The man then jumped onto a table and ripped the flag down.

The bar owner, Chris Blauvelt, said to local reporters: “This is the second time I caught him in the act.”

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The owner started to confront Joque, and this made the latter swing the flagpole, still attached to the flag, at him. Then, the lawbreaker ran away. Blauvelt waited for police officers to arrive while following Joque, keeping a safe distance.

A homeless person, Joque has a previous history of arrests related to human trafficking, alcohol, and drugs among others. Local citizens nicknamed him “Captain America” due to his regular habit of wearing the American flag around his shoulders as a cloak.

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