To Protest Transgender Woman’s Murder, LGBT Community Members Staged a Play Performance

Sexual and gender minority representatives blame police for the refusal to treat hate crimes and gender-preference hate cases as seriously as they should do. According to the activists, the victim received multiple hate messages and threats and reported them to the police.

A Mexican transgender community member was murdered this week, and LGBT activists of the country think police officials do not want to treat the case with all the attention and seriousness that it requires.

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A member of the Union of Trans Women of Chihuahua, Mireya Rodriguez Lemus, was stabbed to death in her living space located near Chihuahua City. The group representatives stated that the victim regularly received threats. Despite that fact, police authorities never started an investigation.

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Community activists gathered in front of the Juarez police station building to hold a protest there. To attract public attention to the hate and violence against transgender persons, they staged a play devoted to the topic.


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