Top 26 LGBTQ-friendly movies you can find on Netflix

Image Source: Alex Strangelove, 2018

Prepare popcorn and dive into the queer world of Netflix.

Not so long ago, it would be quite hard to find a movie picturing the queer community anywhere. The topic of same-sex relationships was surrounded by stigma. Yet, it is very important for the LGBTQ+ community to be represented on screen. Through representing queer in mass culture movie producers make them feel accepted. That is the first step to making the queer community feel not excluded worldwide.

21st Century is the era of LGBTQ+ acceptance! Today, entertainment platforms like Netflix offer a variety of films of that kind. We have chosen the best 26 movies from the LGBTQ+ section of Netflix for anyone to enjoy. You will definitely find the one you would like from this variety of genres. Feel free to extend this list with your favorite queer movies. 

Alex Strangelove, 2018

If you like teenage dramas like “Love, Simon” you should definitely watch this movie. The story starts as a basic teenage drama. It shows a senior student Alex Truelove trying to lose his virginity. Alex has a girlfriend Claire, but his plans become ruined when he sees Elliot. Elliot is a confident and good looking gay-guy who convinces Alex his life was a lie before.

The film is full of both funny and touching moments as well as bright teenage characters. The character of Daniel Zolgadri came out especially entertaining. But no one can resist the attractiveness of Madeleine Weinstein in this movie.

Call Me By Your Name, 2017

This film is truly one of the best films picturing LGBTQ+. Even though the movie is criticized for age gaps and not picturing the AIDS crisis in the 80s, it’s loved by many. Anyone can relate to the stories of heartbreaks, first love, and finding out who you really are. Many queer young adults can recognize themselves in these plots. The final scene of the movie is going to leave you breathless. 

This movie is one of the first acting jobs of Timotheé Chalamet which made his talent recognized. The movie is full of other remarkable actors. Armie Hammer has earned many awards thanks to this film and showed that he was a diverse actor.

Beach Rats, 2017

This movie is a story about Frankie. A young man leaving home to have fun with his reckless friends. Frankie wants to escape the issues he had in his family and find himself. He balances his life between his new girlfriend and sleeping with older men for money. Finally, he has to make a choice, but the consequences can be unpredictable. 

The film was made by Eliza Hittman who was awarded as the Best Director for it.

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Circus of Books, 2020

This autobiographical film was directed by Rachel Mason. She pictured the story of her mother and father. Karen and Barry Mason have found one of the major gay porn platforms in The US. For more than 3 decades they’ve been producing 18+ films, toys, and books. Masons had to keep it all a secret from their family and friends. At that time the topic of LGBTQ+ was surrounded by stigma. They themselves faced the difficulties caused by it, as their child came out as gay. Later, Mesons turned their store into a place where queer community could socialize. At the store, they could be themselves for ones and not fear being judged.

Duck Butter, 2018

This movie is a story of two women who lack genuine feelings in their romantic life. They meet at a club and decide to conclude a bet. The women are going to spend the next 24 hours alone with each other and have sex every hour. This way, they want to feel a special kind of intimacy. Remarkably, the movie was originally written for a heterosexual couple. Only then it was transformed into queer.

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, 2017

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson is a widely recognized documentary. The film shows an investigative journey of Victoria Cruz, an LGBTQ+ rights advocate. Viktoria seeks to find out the details Marsha P. Johnson’s suicide. She was one of the key Stonewall uprising activists in 1969. She fought for the rights of transgender people of color and helped them to find a home. Marsha died in 1992 as a result of committing suicide. But many people could not believe it was true and wanted to see the truth. Till this day people are afraid to discuss the details of Johnson’s death. Yet, Cruz has found some answers. You’ll get to know about them in the film.

The Half Of It, 2020

This film was accepted very warmly and gained several valuable awards.

An introverted Asian girl Ellie Chu is helping a popular guy at high school to impress his crush. In fact, Ellie is also in love with this girl. The characters go through a process of finding out their true selves and true feelings. A perfect queer teenage-drama to watch, if you were looking for such. 

Leah Lewis playing the role of Ellie truly is a star in this movie. She admits that in her acting she was greatly inspired by Debbie Reynolds. She admires her iconic musical performances.

Handsome Devil, 2016

This story is about an Irish teenage boy Ned who felt lonely and foreign in his boarding school. Everything changed when Ned met a new student and popular rugby player Conor. They did not have anything in common but had to share a room. Soon, Ned developed feelings for this new guy. Their friendship broke the snobbish system of the boarding school. 

The film was very successful and gained many Irish and foreign awards.

The Happy Prince, 2018

The movie covers the darkest period of Oscar Wilde’s life. This period of the life of a famous playwright is rarely discussed. After Wilde was accused of being gay and was exiled, his life went downhill. In the movie, you will get to know about a series of writer’s unhappy relationships. The movie covers both his romances with gay men and with his ex-wife. 

You will see how it feels to be once loved and admired by everyone and then lose everything. Few movies would show you the dark side of a famous person, but this one does. You will see the story of a man who traded his life for love. 

I Am Michael, 2015

If you are into biographical dramas, you should definitely check this movie out. It tells the story of an ex-gay advocate, who changed his life at once. Michael ruined his relationship with his family and boyfriend. The whole nation was surprised when the activist announced that he was not gay anymore. Instead, he became a Christian priest fighting against homosexuals. 

This film is truly powerful. It shows the struggles a person faces trying to fit into the society’s concept of love. Thanks to this movie, the world has discovered the talents of J. Franco and Z. Quinto. 

Holding the Man, 2015

This movie is a drama that will surely touch your heart. It shows a story of Timothy and John’s love that started in Austria of the 1970s. The story covers 15 years of their life and is really heartbreaking. The movie was based on Timothy Conigrave’s memoirs and it will definitely make you cry. 

There is nothing breaking-new about this film. The plot is clear and common. But if you appreciate good camera work and beautifully set shots, you will enjoy this film. Besides, the story is real and very relatable. 

Ideal Home, 2018

If you are looking for a comedy but still like films with deep meanings, check this out. In this movie, you will see a touching story of a gay couple Paul and Erasmus. The couple meets a 10-year-old kid named Bill who says he is a grandson of Erasmus. The men are not ready to change their lifestyles and become parents. Yet, a lonely boy finds a way to their hearts. He becomes a part of their family soon where he is loved.

Last Ferry, 2019

The thriller shows a mysterious story that happened to Joseph on a Fire Island. He took a trip there to get a rest from his stressful job as a lawyer and explore his sexuality. On the island, he meets a guy who stills all Joseph’s stuff after drugging him. Soon, Joseph’s life changes as he becomes a witness of a murder. He is saved by a stranger. But soon, Joseph realizes the stranger is not as simple as he seemed to be.

If you are sick of basic love-stories, you should definitely see this film. The movie was recognized to be the Best US Feature of 2019. 

LOVE, 2015

This Indian movie pictures nicely the life of a same-sex couple. A dealmaker Jai and a producer Sahil both have an uneasy past. Each of them likes the other, but cannot confess or accept it. They go on a trip and dive into a complicated relationship that we all can see developing. The movie is free from stereotypes or clichés about homosexuality. The actor’s performance is flawless so you really connect to the characters. It is a very relatable movie for anyone who goes through some struggles in relationships. 

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Let It Snow, 2019

This movie is based on a best-selling novel and tells about a story that happened on Christmas Eve. A snowstorm changes the plans of many people living in a small town and makes some of them meet and fall in love. 

It’s a plain Christmas drama with a simple storyline. A very nice movie to relax your brain. Still, the film reveals the theme of friendship rather nicely. It tells about the forgiveness and establishing life priorities. The actors playing some of the main characters are queer in real life.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post, 2018

The story shown in the film is based on a well-known novel of Emily Danforth. It describes the story of a young girl who was seen kissing her girlfriend by her aunt. After that, Cameron has to go through a therapy camp to “fix” her sexuality. The story had happened long before LGBTQ acceptance appeared on screens. The movie is set in the early 90s and has a vibe of period-specific melancholy. It was awarded the prize of Sundance. We should mention, Chloe Moretz is fabulous playing the main character.

My Days of Mercy, 2017

The story follows the investigative process of an activist named Lucy Moro. She tries to prove that her father is innocent of murdering her mother 8 years ago. Along the way, she meets a lawyer Mercy Bromage who differs a lot from her and falls in love. 

My Days of Mercy is a proper indie movie with very decent actors’ performance. Ellen Page is particularly good in this one.

Other People, 2016

“Other People” is an autobiographical film demonstrating the family story of Chris Kelly. David Mulcahey is nearly 30 and moves to his sick mother to help her out. David is gay and has to face his Christian family that disapproves of his sexuality. His mother dies of cancer shortly after his arrival and this helps him to become closer to his family. This movie is truly touching and emotional. 

Papi Chulo, 2018

This comedy-drama follows a story of two completely different men who become close to each other. One of them is named Sean, and he worked as a weatherman on the TV. The other one is a Hispanic migrant. The movie touches upon the roles that ethnicity and class play in the city life of Los Angeles. 

This movie is a drama, but not depressing at all. It both makes you laugh and think deeply. It touches upon many important topics like loneliness or racism. But these topics are brought up in such a gentle and light form!

Paris Is Burning, 1990

This documentary has become a legend since it was produced in 1990. Watch it and you will get to know about New York’s ball culture. Particularly, the role that Hispanic, African-American, queer communities played in it.

The documentary contains many exclusive interviews of legendary drag-queens taken before their competitions. You will dive into this unique environment of “drag nights”. You will also see some amazing people and costumes.

The Perfection, 2019

For everyone who enjoys horror movies, this one will be a real find. But if you are too squeamish, set it aside. The story follows Charlotte, a cellist who gave up her career for her sick mother. When the mother dies, Charlotte flies to Shanghai to her cello mentor. Her mentor introduces her to Lizzie, a new student. Charlotte and Lizzie soon get into a same-sex relationship and travel around China. Then, the horrors begin. At first, this movie can seem to be pretty basic, but wait for it!

The Queen, 1986

This film is a documentary produced by Frank Simon. It tells the story of a Beauty contest called Miss All-America (1967). You will see how LGBTQ+ activist fights for the victory of Rachel Harlo. Crystal Labeija, a very popular drug queen, is her main rival. The film truly is “a time capsule of a generation’s sophistication” as Jerry Portwood once said. 

A Secret Love, 2020

If you watch this documentary, you will definitely get emotional. It shows a story of the relationship between a baseball player Terry Donahue and her partner. Their relationship had been hidden for 65 years before coming out to their families. Various struggles a couple met on their way are described. The documentary can be very relatable to some same-sex couples. The story can help them to overcome many struggles.

This documentary is just beautiful. It will make you laugh and cry no matter what sexuality you identify with. 

Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts, 2019

Another documentary that covers a career journey of a country drag queen. The film shows the life of the super-star after winning the RuPaul’s Drag Race. You will get to know more about her relationships with other drag queens and work-life. This documentary will make you realize that the winner’s life is not that easy. When you win in one sphere you can lose in another. 

Velvet Buzzsaw, 2019

For those who like fantasies, we can recommend this amazing movie by Dan Gilroy. A queer art critic lives a boring and bohemian life. His life changes when he finds a whole gallery belonging to an unknown artist. The artworks become crazily popular. But suddenly, Dan notices supernatural events that happen around those paintings. Those paintings belong to a dead artist. Dan starts to investigate his life-story.

What Keeps You Alive, 2018

If you are into psychological thrillers, check this one out. This movie is a thrilling Canadian story of a lesbian couple Jules and Jackie. They are spending their 1-year anniversary in a remote forest cabin. Soon, Jules realizes her wife is not who she thought she was. Jackie has a questionable past and not the best intentions. Watch this movie to find out who she actually is. 

We hope our list of movies was helpful for you! It does not matter if you are queer or straight when it comes to good movies. Each of them can bright up your movie-night. So grab the popcorn and enjoy! 

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