Transgender Students Celebrate Another Legal Victory: Access to Bathrooms Unlocked

While many people consider 2020 to be a total failure, this year has been remarkable for the LGBTQ+ community. Among all legal wins, Gavin Grimm surprised trans students with another victory.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals found a Virginia school board guilty of acting illegally in not allowing trans students – in this case, Gavin Grimm, to visit the restroom that corresponded to their gender identity.

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According to the court, the school’s restroom policies that set trans students apart from non-trans students violated the federal law, Title IX, which protects students from discrimination based on their sex in education programs funded by Federal sources.

This 5-year court fight that Gavin Grimm started in 2015 seemed to bring no successful results. But finally, Grimm won a victory. Born as female, the student identifies as male. When the school board didn’t let him visit the restroom for boys, Grimm sued the school board.

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When it comes to transgender rights, bathroom access is one of the biggest concerns that trans students face. It’s no wonder that Gavin Grimm’s legal victory is an outstanding event to celebrate.


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