Transgender Women Say They Were ‘Dehumanized’ At Miami Jail

Transgender people often experience difficulties accessing health care and social services. Moreover, they are regularly mistreated or injured by the police. Sadly, it is happening now in the 21st century. Two trans activists say police officers ‘dehumanized’ and mocked them about their private body parts after they were arrested at a rally.

Transgender people face ‘dehumanizing’ treatment

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Gabriela Amaya Cruz and Jae Bucci were two of more than 30 demonstrators taken into custody and charged with blocking traffic after a peaceful rally. The women soon faced the cruelty they were speaking against as cops allegedly processed them as men.

Moreover, the police officers reportedly questioned them about their private body parts.

Cruz says that she had to repeatedly tell cops that she is a woman, even as they sent male officials to search her body. Bucci says she was forced to stay in a holding area with males because her genitalia would pose a ‘threat’ to other females. What an outrageous treatment!

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Although Bucci has documents verifying she is a woman, a corrections officer assured her that her intake forms would be modified to declare that she was a man.

The spokesman of the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department wouldn’t comment on the allegations of mistreatment.


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