Transphobic Abuse on Tinder, He Wished All Trans People Would ‘Just Die’

Transphobic Abuse on Tinder, He Wished All Trans People Would ‘Just Die’

The world social network Tinder is not only pleasant acquaintances. It’s also a kind of Internet bullying. Recently, there was an unpleasant situation between the participants of this social network. A Florida man treats a girl who is a supporter of transfeminism badly. His words directed at a young transgender woman shocked people so much. His words led to a lot of interest from all sides.

Transphobic Abuse on Tinder

A girl named Marcie was subjected to transphobic violence. She lives in Miami, Florida. As the girl notes, she finally resigned herself to her transgender predisposition. She stopped worrying about this. That is why she decided to register on Tinder. She wanted to meet local guys.


It is worth noting a very important detail — the profile of the girl. Her profile indicates that she is a «transfeminine». This inscription is indicated directly under the photo in her profile. Few people read everything that is indicated in the profile. Marcie also shared the fact that many guys swipe right on her profile and don’t read the information. They just look through the photos. When the situation comes to dialogue, they instantly change their position. The girl immediately receives a bunch of non-domain words of a different nature.

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This is not the most harmless thing that could happen.

Recently, a girl was attacked by a man who wished her death. He substantiated this wish by the fact that people like her have no place in this world. Such people should be dead in the man’s opinion. He believes that such people will never find love and that they are worthless to this world.

Marcie tried not to give in to provocation. She continued the dialogue in a relaxed way, but the man couldn’t calm down. He began to write words that could offend any person. For example, «You shouldn’t have been born. If you hadn’t been born, your family would have become much happier».

The worst part of this whole story is that many guys and girls began to support this man. The man posted some of his words from the dialogue on Twitter and received approval from many people. Marcie notes that she is a strong person who is used to dealing with such situations. She wants everyone to start doing their own thing and not climb into someone else’s life.

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The topic of transgender relations for 2020 causes a lot of controversies. It also causes situations that end in terrible outcomes. For example, in the United States, 27 trans people were killed in 2019. As in June 2020, the number of people killed has reached 18. The situation is gaining momentum, unfortunately.

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