Trey Hogan Used His Trombone to Silence a Homophobic and Racist Demonstrator

A freshman at the University of South Carolina, Trey Hogan, became famous online this week for interrupting the hate speech of an anti-LGBTQ and racist demonstrator on Greene St., on campus.

Hogan plays a trombone and is a member of the school’s band. He used his large musical instrument to silence the demonstrator, and won the fame from a local pizzeria and classmates, as well as national media.

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The demonstrator screamed anti-LGBTQ and racist slurs at students using his megaphone. At this moment, a freshman started playing a trombone interrupting the demonstrator.

His classmates started applauding. Sawyer McDuffie caught this moment on a video that has been viewed up to 2.3 million times.

Hogan played his instrument for about 2 hours so that no one heard the demonstrator’s speech of hate. Thanks to this situation Hogan gained various nicknames, such as “Trombro” and “Trombone Guy”.

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A freshman said that the owner of the Village Idiot Pizza offered him free pizza until he graduates. His story has been mentioned on several national news websites, which have also supported Trey Hogan.


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