Trump’s Pastor Hosts A Campaign Event Featuring Anti-LGBTQ Activists

Televangelist Paula White continues to organize public gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic. The pastor (and a popular TV personality!) is going to hold an in-person event to support Donald Trump when coronavirus is on the rise in Georgia. The future campaign event features notorious anti-LGBTQ radicals.

Evangelists for Trump, but against LGBTQ

Actually, Paula White is a well-known person in the president’s team. Being a long-standing and active member of the Evangelical advisory board, she has built a troubled reputation in the mass media for her anti-LGBTQ sentiments. The woman is sure that God selected her to become Trump’s personal spiritual advisor. The evangelical group she works in has perpetuated hateful messages about the LGBTQ community for many years.

But what about the scheduled meeting? White definitely won’t be alone at the planned evangelical event in a lavish hotel in the vicinity of Atlanta. Anti-LGBTQ activists such as Alveda King, Harry Jackson Jr., Richard Lee, and Ralph Reed also going to be there to promote Donald Trump. What do we know about them?

All of them are known for their intolerance and hatred toward the LGBTQ people. For instance, Ralf Reed once said that homosexuality is something like polygamy or infidelity, so we should treat it in the same way. Both Harry Jackson and Alveda King have long records of anti-LGBTQ attacks too.

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