Turn-key lesbian wedding day

Love knows not only age but sex as well. We live at such a time when people with non-traditional sexual orientation are not freaks or rogues of society. Same-sex relationships are legalized; after all, two people of the same sex can get married because love threw them together. 

Such kind of marriages is legalized in some countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the US, etc. Recently same-sex marriage has become legal in the Czech Republic and Slovenia but only for nationals and with the license.

The amount of lesbian marriages is dominant in comparison with gay ones. This can be explained by the fact that particularly women strive for having their own family and bringing up children. Men prefer to wait for a little, in contrast. So, how do lesbian couples get married?

Bachelorette Party – to be or not to be?

Bachelorette Party is common nowadays. It is a very good and funny way to say ‘goodbye’ to your previous single life, your previous habits, principles, previous version of yourself. And there are myriads of ways how to do it creatively and interestingly. 

‘How to…’ Party – a good opportunity to learn something new and have fun at the same time. To cook some food, to decorate something, to do handmade things. Whatever you like will certainly make this evening unforgettable.

‘Beauty Evening’ – joint visiting SPA, beauty salon, massage center, or everything aimed to make you beautiful and feel better. Besides, if you have a limited budget, you can organize this at home!

‘Karaoke’ Party – sing your favorite songs together, forget about problems and let yourself be a star at least for a few hours. 

‘Movie’ Party – what does prevent you from watching a good movie together? The more romantic the better. Popcorn, good mood, and good friends around – what else is needed?

Those and other ideas will help you on how to organize your pre-wedding day. Ask your friends what they would like to do and make the best choice.

What to wear?

Lesbian weddings do not have so prominent differences from usual ones besides, maybe, the lack of a fiancé. Instead, two beautiful women, who are ready to exchange their vows, go to the altar by brisk steps. There are three possible outfits for a lesbian wedding day.

Women both can put on that long-expected white dress. Why not? They both dreamt of this dress being little girls. This dress can be similar or they can put on completely different dresses. Anyway, you both will look perfect. Hair-do, make-up, shoes along with a splendid dress will make any woman feel like a princess. There are no ugly brides even if this is a lesbian wedding and there are two brides.

This way will help to show who is more masculine in your couple. If you want your wedding to be original but still want to support traditions, one of you can wear a tux, another one – a dress. The color of the tux is up to you. You can choose classical black or dark grey color or it can be something extraordinary: dark blue, green or any color you like. You can also choose a tux of the same color as the bride’s dress color. To put on a jacket or to put on a vest only or to put on them together is also up to your preferences. 

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You both can wear your national costumes. This will add something peculiar, unusual, and bright to your party. Your guests will not forget it ever. Plus, national costumes are always vivid, full of colors and shades, which will make you look chic. Celebrating a wedding day according to your traditions is always an interesting performance, of course.

Where to celebrate?

You have a right to celebrate your wedding day the way you want. Everything that comes to your mind and fantasy may be realized. You can spend a ceremony in one place or even a city, and celebrate the wedding somewhere else.

The most popular places where lesbians spend their wedding parties: 

  • a private club for gays and lesbians, because they can relax and feel more confident there;
  • a luxurious and stylish restaurant for all your friends and family;
  • a yacht rented for the evening where you can have an unforgettable party;
  • your house if you’re not going to invite lots of people;
  • an open-space area with incredibly beautiful nature where you will take photos;
  • fabulous hotels abroad.

Which rings to buy?

The ring is a symbol of eternal love. Marriage and ring are similar: no beginning, no end. Thus, you must be very careful with the ring you are going to wear for all your life. Mostly, lesbians prefer classic white gold rings with one or more brilliants. Graving is up to the decision of the couple. 

Themed night: yes or no?

Nowadays this thing is extremely popular. People choose the theme and try to organize the whole wedding in a determined style or theme. The theme can be abstract, general. For example, ‘the red color’ theme is large and this does not restrict people when dressing on to your wedding day. More specific themes with concrete notion will take more time in the whole process of the organization. For example, ‘panda’ style.

What’s for dessert?

More and more parties start from welcome drinks and various snacks. They can include some sweets and not. A wedding day isn’t an exception. This is done with the purpose to entertain people when the bride and groom have not arrived yet. People help themselves, get acquainted with each other, drink, and have fun. 

Dessert is usually served closer to the end of the party. Dessert can be of 2 types and it depends on your budget:

  1. Candy bar. Usually, it consists of a diversity of sweets: cookies, candies, lollipops, bakery, etc. By the way, they also can be with a concrete theme. Besides, decorating them with your photos is also good.
  2. The cake. The size, color, many pie shells, design, and all the details of this important ‘guest’ depend only on you and your wishes. Classical wedding version: white and pink color, flowers on the top, or at the sides. First letters of your names can be written by cream or in the view of sticks with letters.

The best advice about dessert is to weddiorient for your guests and choose an optimal version.

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The best man and bridesmaid – needed or not?

When planning your wedding day, you will certainly think of this question. Times change and everything changes too. Before we could not even imagine a wedding ceremony without the best man and bridesmaid. Now, the situation is different. The best man can be present or even not, the bridesmaid can be one and more. 

Both of you decide how to act in this matter. If you prefer to have the best man and bridesmaid, be sure that you could rely on these people. A wedding day is a serious matter. If something unexpected can happen, the main role of them is to be able to cope with the problem quickly. 

Wedding bouquet – anything special? 

The bouquet of the bride is an integral attribute. It functions not only as decoration but also underlines the uniqueness of the bride. It can be collected not only from beautiful flowers. Every flower is a component that has its role. 

Two similar bouquets are one of the popular choices of lesbians for the wedding day. Mostly, they choose tender flowers: cream or white roses, pink lilies, or mixed collection of flowers. The boutonniere is necessary if one woman takes the role of the groom and it must combine both with her tux and the bouquet of the bride.

First wedding dance – which song to choose?

When a couple is dancing their first wedding dance each of the guests cannot take the eyes off. Melody, atmosphere, and these two dancing people refill everything with love. The song you are going to use must be ‘yours’. It must represent the individuality of your couple, your style, and your relationship, first of all. It is better to listen to the lyrics carefully at first because not all songs suit to lesbian couples. 

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Classic first wedding dance song is slow, tender, and romantic. But why should you restrict yourself with these stereotypes? What if your love story, let’s say, is full of crazy passion? You can dance the tango, salsa, rumba, or even modern hip-hop dance and surprise your guests. 

As you see, every single detail of your wedding day depends only on you. Love does not know restrictions. So, apply this rule to organizing your party and you will never forget this day!

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